Concord C1 BlackSpider Watch Replica watch

The Mens Luminous Concord C1 BlackSpider Watch Replica in Cheap Price

Ahead of Baselworld 2011, the Swiss watchmaker Concord has just released a teaser image of its upcoming watch: the new Concord C1 BlackSpider watch replica.


The main “cage” is connected to the case with eight attachments imitating eight legs of an arachnid.

Concord C1 BlackSpider watch
Concord C1 BlackSpider watch

As you one can gather looking at the teaser image, the Concord copy watch will be released in a fairly large octagonal case with the movement taking only a small portion of the real estate.

Although the teaser looks, ahem, like a teaser, the impression that it makes is nothing but intimidating. I guess, that was the idea.

All in all, the Swiss made Concord replica watch will probably look like a small birdeater comfortably sitting on a wrist. It makes wince, really.