Chopard L.U.C Perpetual Chrono Big Date Grey Dial Replica Watch ref. 161973-1001

This year, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its L.U.C brand, Chopard has released several new Chopard L.U.C Perpetual Chrono replica timepieces, including the technical tour de force, the L.U.C Perpetual Chrono.Entering the bathroom and staring at the mirror above the washbasin, I diligently brush my teeth and commence shaving with my eyes still sleep-filled.

Chopard_L.U.C_Perpetual_Chrono_wrist - ESCAPEMENT MAGAZINE - watch replica reviews by Angus Davies

Every morning it’s the same ritual, I am woken by the irritating shrill of my alarm clock. The index finger of my right hand clumsily fumbles for the switch to nullify the intrusive din and I finally emerge from my bed after several presses of the ‘Snooze’ button.


A company which is no stranger to the notion of wisdom is Chopard. The company, founded in 1860, has become synonymous with crafting fine watches and sublime jewellery, gaining incredible insight and skills with the passage of time. The watchmaking prowess of Chopard came to the fore with the creation of the L.U.C sub-brand in 1996. This year, Chopard is celebrating the 20th anniversary of L.U.C, the collection of haute horlogerie known to those individuals of discerning temperament.

The problem I have with being a middle-aged male is that every time I shave, I have to stare at my reflected image in the mirror. The frank honesty of the mirror is no longer welcome. I cannot fail to note my receding hairline, the emergence of greying hair to the sides of my head and the increasingly wrinkled texture of my brow. It’s no fun growing old.

However, the lines which have accumulated adjacent my eyes betray the numerous observations I have made over the years. Moreover, these lines, which emanate outwards from the side of each eye, reveal an accumulation of experiences and a degree of amassed wisdom.

At Baselworld 2016, Chopard unveiled the L.U.C Perpetual Chrono and I was generously allocated a period of time to appraise this horological tour de force.

The dial

The dial is presented in a sumptuous grey ruthenium finish. A hand-guilloché motif, consisting of radiating lines that emanate from the Chopard nomen, stand testament to the adroit skills employed. Indeed, the deft execution of the lines reveals the time-served wisdom of the most accomplished artisan.

Chopard_L.U.C_Perpetual_Chrono_dial - ESCAPEMENT magazine by Angus Davies


A large date display sits below noon, positioned between the brand’s name and the word ‘Chronometer’. This model is certified by COSC and bears the Poinçon de Genève.

The dauphine fusée hour and minute hands uphold the design language Chopard has frequently used over the last few years. The hands are lined with white fill and interface with the Roman numeral hour markers and a snailed minute track, respectively.

Chopard_L.U.C_Perpetual_Chrono_large_date - ESCAPEMENT watch replica blog by Angus Davies

The Corum Replica L.U.C Perpetual Chrono, as the name implies, combines a perpetual calendar and column-wheel chronograph. The left hand subdial combines a 30-minute chronograph register, month display and leap year indication. Positioned opposite, a similarly styled subdial features a 12-hour chronograph register, day display and day/night indicator. The styling of each subdial consists of two overlapping circular forms of differing scales to provide an interesting asymmetric outline adjacent the minute track.

Chopard_L.U.C_Perpetual_Chrono_moonphase - ESCAPEMENT magazine - watch replica reviews by Angus Davies

Several indications feature on the dial of the L.U.C Perpetual Chrono, but nothing impairs interpretation. A vibrant shade of red is used to highlight those dial elements relating to the chronograph e.g. the tip of the central chronograph seconds hand. The judicious use of colour, texture and arrangement makes this timepiece an exemplar of coherence and, by default, simple to read.

Located in the lower portion of the dial is a large moon-phase display, framed with a snailed circlet, said to indicate the moon age accurately with only ‘one-day deviation in 122 years’. The blue moon-phase indication wonderfully depicts the nocturnal sky. Floating above the moon-phase display is a small seconds hand.


The case

Measuring 45mm in diameter, the L.U.C Perpetual Chrono exhibits notable wrist-presence. However, do not misconstrue, it shares the same restrained, tasteful demeanour of its siblings. Indeed, one reason for my own predilection for L.U.C watches is that they exude a prudent elegance which sidesteps the gauche and embraces the refined.

Chopard intends to produce 20 examples of the L.U.C Perpetual Chrono in ‘Fairmined’ 18-carat rose gold and a further 20 examples in ‘Fairmined’ 18-carat white gold. I encountered the ‘Fairmined’ 18-carat rose gold when I reviewed the L.U.C Tourbillon QF Fairmined a couple of years ago, when I explained the background to this ethically sourced noble metal. However, I personally favour the L.U.C Perpetual Chrono in ‘Fairmined’ 18-carat white gold, a first for Chopard. White gold seems a fitting bedfellow for an L.U.C timepiece because of its cultured character and softly spoken tone.

Chopard_L.U.C_Perpetual_Chrono_caseband - ESCAPEMENT magazine - watch replica articles by Angus Davies

The curved bezel of the L.U.C Perpetual Chrono is highly polished. This is repeated on the upper and lower surfaces of the lugs and the crown. However, Chopard tempers this ebullience, employing a vertical satin-brush on the case band and vertical flanks of the lugs and push-pieces. The blend of surface treatments bestows a harmonious mix which proves very agreeable.

Chopard_L.U.C_Perpetual_Chrono_caseback - ESCAPEMENT magazine by Angus Davies

An exhibition case back exposes the gorgeous hand-wound Caliber 03.10-L. A sloping rim sits adjacent the movement, reminiscent of an amphitheatre in styling, drawing the eyes to the spectacle of the manufacture movement centre stage.

The movement

Ever since Chopard Manufacture in Fleurier unveiled its inaugural in-house calibre, the L.U.C 1.96, the Swiss watch replica company has been producing some of the finest movements in existence. Take any L.U.C movement and, with a loupe in hand, scrutinise its elevated finishing. Each component is distilled to an exalted level. The new Caliber 03.10-L proves to be no exception.

Chopard_L.U.C_Perpetual_Chrono_movement - ESCAPEMENT magazine - watch replica blog by Angus Davies

The feel of the push-pieces when starting / stopping the stopwatch function is incredibly smooth without the merest hint of jarring.The L.U.C Perpetual Chrono features a chronograph with a flyback function. Moreover, the central sweep seconds hand, once actuated, embarks on its journey with a gentle gait, free of any wobble or stuttering. The reason for this matchless mechanical virtuosity can be attributed to the column-wheel and vertical coupling collaborating together in perfect harmony. This is a purist’s chronograph and one of the best I have encountered.

The jewel and screw sinks are highly polished. The main plate is adorned with pristine perlage and the screws visible on the bridges they are mirror polished with chamfered rims and slots. Indeed, this is reaffirmed with the independent validation conferred by the Geneva Seal adorning the case and movement. Quite simply, the finissage is exemplary.The bridges are adorned with Côtes de Genève motif with stunningly beautiful bevels according magnificent contrast with the upper surface of the bridges. The wheels are circular grained.

A trained watchmaker can alter the frequency of the balance by adjusting four small inertia blocks set in-board on the spokes of the balance wheel. The location of the blocks in-board mitigates turbulence when the balance oscillates to and fro, thereby aiding precision.Beyond the beauty of the movement there are several functional highlights, including the brand’s Variner® balance.

Closing remarks

The L.U.C Perpetual Chrono is beautiful to behold and intuitive to read. The case back, lugs and luxurious strap embrace the wrist with a cosseting touch. The white gold case evinces a muted tone. However, it is the ubiquitously presented, no-compromise craftsmanship which especially stands out. Surveying the movement reveals a myriad of components, lovingly enhanced by time-served hands.


Technical specification

  • Model: Chopard L.U.C Perpetual Chrono
  • Reference: 161973-1001
  • Case: 18-carat “Fairmined” 18ct white gold; diameter 45.00mm; height 15.06mm; water resistant to 3 bar (30 metres); sapphire crystal to front and case back.
  • Functions: Hours; minutes; small seconds; large date; moon-phase indicator; day; month; day/night indicator; leap-year indicator; perpetual calendar; flyback chronograph
  • Movement: Caliber 03.10-L; hand-wound movement; frequency 28,800 vph (4Hz); 42 jewels; power reserve 60 hours
  • Strap: Black hand-sewn alligator leather strap presented on a matching gold pin buckle
  • Price: £61,710 (RRP as at 8.6.2016)

The grey dial with numerous deep lines adorning its face stand testament to the experience of the artisan responsible and remind me of the wisdom lines which come with age. Whilst Chopard is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of L.U.C, it must be remembered it has been crafting watches since 1860. As many learned, middle-aged individuals will attest, with age comes experience and, once again, Chopard L.U.C replica watch reveals the high degree of wisdom it has acquired over during its lengthy trading history.

Baselworld 2015: PVD-coated Corum Heritage Bubble Replica Watch

At Baselworld 2000 the Corum Heritage Bubble Replica watch was unveiled, an unparalleled 44 mm in diameter with a towering sapphire crystal so tall it distorted the dial. With a size and shape totally unprecedented in watchmaking, the Bubble was an instant hit.

At the turn of the century watchmaking was a universe away from what it is today. The tectonic shift began as the 21st century dawned, with Corum riding on the top of the wave that would soon sweep watchmaking. Big watches were scarce, unconventionally shaped watches almost unheard of.

This in itself is challenging enough that even when machining ordinary, flat watch replica crystals the job can take hours. Crafting the mountainous crystal of the Bubble requires exponentially more work. Sapphire is a material so extraordinarily hard it has to be cut with a diamond-tipped tool.A remarkable 8 mm high, this sapphire crystal is one of the largest of any watch. The task starts with cutting a block of crystal, then grinding it into a bubble-like shape, and finally polishing the crystal to flawless clarity with absolutely no optical imperfections.

The Bubble has now been revived as part of the unique Corum Heritage replica collection, putting it alongside other landmark timepieces like the extra-thin Coin Watch.Despite being a mere 15 years old, the Bubble is major part of the brand’s heritage, deserving of elevation into a hall of fame.

While retaining all the design codes of the original, the 2015 Bubble is not a mere replica of its predecessor. Fitted with a rubber-ringed, spherical crown, the case is a collection of smooth, rounded lines, just like the original.

In one instance, he was inspired by an experimental deep-sea dive watch replica from the 1960s, which was fitted with an enormous domed crystal to withstand the pressure of the ocean.The Bubble was the brainchild of the late Severin Wunderman, a relentlessly creative entrepreneur who acquired Corum that very same year. That formed the genesis of the Bubble, one of the most recognizable wristwatches of its time. Wunderman, who survived both the Holocaust and cancer, had a roving, creative mind.

But, as always, practicality was high on the mind of the development team, which paired the oversized case with short, curved lugs, allowing it to hug the wrist snugly.But it has been enlarged to 47 mm, lending it impressively striking proportions, especially as it stands some 18.8 mm high, crystal included.

While the Bubble was unquestionably unique, its unorthodox design was merely an extension of Corum’s long-established philosophy. Since its founding in 1955, Corum consistently excelled at designing totally original timepieces, ranging from the Rolls-Royce, shaped like the luxury automobile’s front grille, to the Golden Bridge, distinguished by its remarkably tiny, baguette-shaped movement.

Corum’s designers took advantage of this by designing a dial with a clever, op art (short for “optical art”) motif.Because the sapphire crystal is so tall, it acts as a lens, both magnifying and distorting the dial. Taking inspiration from Hungarian-born French artist Victor Vasarely, founder of the op art movement, the dial is decorated with squares in graduated sizes that grow larger toward the center of the dial.

Op art desired to create static patterns that gave the impression of movement or surprising, contradictory perspectives. Likewise, the dial of the Bubble is perfectly flat, formed from a lacquered, brass disc stamped with the cube motif, but appears sharply domed. In fact, it looks so rounded it might pass for the top of a sphere.

This arresting op art dial will be fitted only to a pair of limited edition, PVD-coated versions of the Bubble, each made in an exclusive run of just 350 pieces. The first is the Bubble Vintage, housed in a bronze-tone, PVD-coated case paired with Super-LumiNova treated for a vintage effect. A modern watch replica made to look like an antique from an indistinct era, the Bubble Vintage is a nod to the original Bubble now 15 years old.

Taking another perspective is the Bubble All Black, clad entirely in a glossy black PVD coating, matched by a matte black dial, along with charcoal-colored indices and hands. The Bubble All Black removes all distraction, making a monochromatic statement that emphasizes the iconic shape of the Bubble.

Part of the regular collection of timepieces, the third model in the Bubble collection does away with the dial entirely. A skeletonized movement takes its place, with the domed sapphire crystal providing a magnified view of the exposed wheels of the CO0082 self-winding movement.

All of the Corum Bubble copy timepieces are fitted with rubber straps topped with leather: calfskin for the op art editions and alligator skin in the case of the skeleton. And each is fitted with a buckle matching the case finish.

The Swiss Made Womens Diamond Replica Corum Peacock Feather Watch

The story begins with the full force of womens replica Corum Peacock Feather Watch‘s expertise and passionate dedication. The brand has drawn on its history in conceiving a unique line that pursues watchmaking’s perpetual quest to explore the ties between classicism and modernity, between fine mechanics and age-old arts. The Feather Watch models reveal an exquisitely graceful dimension with three new dials made, two from peacock and one blue jay from feathers. The marquetry work of the latter offers both a graphic and captivating rendering. The natural symmetry of the feather is superimposed on the full linearity layout, tinged of a movement that seems to escape the dial. This art then rejoins that of, as the feathers are individually positioned in order to reproduce the desired motif before being glued flat. The magnificent and original result beautifully enhances the dials of these Feather Watch models.


Displaying infinite patience, meticulous care and dexterity, the best quality Corum feather artist expresses whimsical poetry, raising this precious handcraft to the ultimate level of perfection. The feathers are rigorously sorted and chosen for their stability, their density and their finesse, before being cleaned, steam-stabilized and re-cut by hand.

Fruit from an artistic union brimming with vibrant colors, one of the models is an encounter between watchmaking, feather art and jewellery with its 126 diamonds totalling 0.71 carats framing the feathers on the dial. It oscillates at the frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, drives the hour and minute hands and has a 42-hour power reserve. The gilded oscillating weight engraved with the Corum emblem is visible through the transparent case-back of this model water resistant to 50 meters. The mechanism is a fine match for the refined and timeless aesthetic of this creation. Beating at the heart of these exceptional timepieces, representing authentic works of art, is an automatic Corum CO 110 movement that is bound to delight devotees of subtle mechanics.

These two new creations enable to admire in one sweeping gaze both the steady flow of time and the beauty of a dial resembling an ornate painting and dedicated to an ancestral ornamental technique. The case features a fluted crown engraved with the key symbol, discreetly echoing the Corum replica watch universe.The openworked dauphine-type hands, red gold plated or rhodium-plated, sweep gracefully around the dial, crossing paths with the Corum logo transferred onto the sapphire crystal.

Corum Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Squelette Red Dial Chronograph Replica Watch

From the dawn of time, the lives of seagoing professionals have been governed by the rhythms of the tides. In most part of the world, they follow a twice-daily lunar cycle, with the tide coming in on average every 12hrs 25 minutes, before receding again. Created in 1993, the CO 277 caliber beating at the heart of the Corum Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Squelette Red Dial Chronograph Replica watch was specifically designed for these coastal regions. When it is full or black (new moon), meaning when it is aligned the Earth and the Sun, the amplitude or strength of the tides – indicated by a dedicated hand on the dial – is at its peak, with a coefficient of between 95 and 120, dipping to between 20 and 45 during the first and last moon quarters.

No less than three years of development, conducted in collaboration with the Astronomic Observatory of Geneva and the SHOM (Hydrographic and Oceanographic Services of the French National Navy) based in Brest, were required to create this highly exclusive “tides movement”.

A display combining sporting elegance and functionality 

The 6 o’clock subdial indicates the time of the two next tides in the next 24-hour period. To know whether the tide is rising or ebbing, the user need only consult the counter at 9 o’clock, which also indicates the current strength. The maximum tide intensity is shown when the pointer is on the horizontal red line. The strength of the current declines when the hand moves towards the high and low tides indicator reaching its lowest strength when the hand can align with the vertical white line.

The CO 277 caliber now provides its essential navigation-related indications on a striking red dial bearing subdials that are more graphically styled than ever. The Moon, which determines tidal movements, appears at 12 o’clock.

These remarkably legible subdials are elegantly arranged on a main dial adorned with Red dial Corum Admiral’s Cup replica watch ’s famous and exclusive “split pomegranate” motif, while the iconic nautical pennants on the inner bezel ring lend an elegant overall sense of depth.

Built for performance 

An authentic SHOM-certified precision navigating instrument, the CO 277 caliber beats at the rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour and has a 42-hour power reserve. Also driving a date display at 3 o’clock, it is housed in the emblematic 12-sided Admiral’s Cup case entirely worthy of its performances. The latter is made in grade 5 titanium and remarkably light despite its powerful style and generous 45 mm diameter. Its layered structure features red PVD-treated titanium inserts echoing the color of the dial and the vulcanized rubber strap secured by a folding clasp. Clearly built for adventure, Corum red admiral’s cup watch replica  is water-resistant to 300 meters and fitted with a sapphire back providing an admirable view of the CO 277 movement.

50th Anniversary Presidential Times – Corum Coin Watch Replica

This year, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first coin watch, 18k Gold Corum Coin Watch Replica has chosen 22kt gold and 925 silver American Liberty Coins. They create a limited edition of 100 in each of the two metals, which will be sold as either a set or separately. Going back in time, the first model of CORUM’s Coin collection was created in 1964 with a historic American Coin, the famous 20$ Double Eagle, stamped with the seal of liberty.These history- loaded timepieces instantly became an icon of CORUM’s collection and were quickly seen on famous wrists, starting with those of the American presidents themselves.

The latter was launched in 1849 and remained in use until 1933, a perfect symbol of the construction and growth of the American nation. When it was withdrawn from circulation this coin discreetly became a collector’s item.

In the early seventies, CORUM was one of the first fake Corum Coin watch brands to find the perfect solution preserving these collector’s items in a watch, by making the face of the coin a true dial and protecting it with sapphire crystal. It begins with a delicate horizontal cut along the side of a coin carrying a pleasing hint of historical nostalgia, and ends with setting the time on a wristwatch driven by a resolutely contemporary mechanical movement. Only perfectly preserved specimens were to be used to create extraordinary timepieces. The process involved in making these particularly original watches has not changed much in half a century.

The coins selected in 2014 embody the American 50$ Gold Eagle and 1$ Silver Eagle minted in 2014. Both these coins were never circulated and grace with their appearance the old 20$ Double Eagle, bearing the famous American bird, emblem of freedom and Lady Liberty, adorned with an olive branch, the symbol of peace. True to CORUM’s tradition, the gold version with a diameter of slim 36mm and the silver version in an ever so bold 43mm case carry a diamond on their crowns.

Beating at the heart of these exceptional timepieces, representing historical roots and modern technical flawlessness, is an automatic CO 082 movement that is bound to delight devotees of subtle mechanics. It oscillates at the frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, drives hour and minute hands and has a 42-hour power reserve. The oscillating weight engraved with the Corum coat-of-arms is beating invisibly under the back cover of the watch, representing the rear side of the coin depicting the minting year 2014. Both models are water- resistant to 30 meters for the gold version, and to 10 meters for the silver one.

These two new creations continue the patrimony of CORUM’s history and evoke exquisite nostalgia in collectors of rare pieces, enabling them to admire in one sweeping gaze both the steady flow of time and the beauty of a history loaded and deep rooted Corum coin replica timepiece.

18K Red Gold Corum Golden Bridge Dragon & Phœnix Replica Watch

Gathered around the famous Corum Golden Bridge Dragon & Phœnix Replica hand-wound CO 113 movement, the duo embraces the “baguette” movement in an exciting body-to-body. A worthy descendant of the first ever model, introduced by Corum in 1980, this mechanical masterpiece embodies both the impressive expertise of the brand from La Chaux-de-Fonds and its insatiable quest for linearity.

A fantasy creature venerated since the dawn of time, the dragon nurtures the collective imagination of many civilizations. This imperial and majestic figure is often depicted as the guardian of a fabulous treasure. Associated with the Phœnix, commonly called the “king of birds,” they all symbolize the Yang and Yin of Chinese cosmology, wages of vitality, splendor and success.

Visually stunning in each and every detail, it features a red gold mainplate and bridges, including an upper bridge bearing the hand-engraved Corum signature. The remarkably precise Caliber CO 113 beats at the frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations/hour) and is equipped with a variable-inertia balance ensuring impressive long-term regularity.Built along a vertical axis, it is extended by the crown at 6 o’clock, which is perfectly aligned in order to accentuate this exceptional construction.

Corum Golden Bridge Dragon & Phœnix

Breathtaking engraving craftsmanship

A virtuoso in the domain of horological mechanics, Replica Corum Golden Bridge Dragon watch demonstrates the same degree of skill in exalting the skills of prodigiously gifted artisans. To breathe life into the dragon and phoenix, red gold was first poured into a mold to form an initial rough outline. The fascinating engraving work then began. The harmony exulting from this duo provides a rendering of the most striking – the face-to-face embodying the dial with nobility. It’s all in motion as mythical creatures unfold in turn. The tiny scales in relief covering the dragon are reflected in the delicate contour of the feathers phœnix. After more than two weeks of this extraordinary task performed entirely by hand, the magic conveyed through countless details. Playing with the irregular thickness of the gold plate, the craftsman patiently sculpted the material by meticulously and accurately plying the burin in order to create striking three-dimensional effects.

Corum Golden Bridge Dragon & Phœnix

A supremely transparent stage-setting

The latter is made of 5N 18K red gold and fitted with four sapphire crystals on the front, back and both sides, thus creating a mesmerizing transparency that further enhances the dragon’s three-dimensional perspective effects. 4.15 carats). The hands are colored in anthracite. The precious and refined Corum Golden Bridge Dragon & Phœnix is also interpreted in a jewelry version, where the red gold case is adorned by 396 round-cut diamonds (approx.The fascinating encounter between the mythical creatures and the legendary caliber finds a worthy setting in an elegant tonneau-shaped Corum replica watch case.

Pre-Baselworld 2016: Skeleton Diamond Corum Bubble Dazzle Replica Watch

The legendary skeleton Corum Bubble Dazzle replica watch is back with a burst of precious colors! Corum has created three unique pieces to mark the beginning of 2016, an especially effervescent year. With the acclaimed reintroduction of the Bubble the year before, 2016 is the time to reveal in the rebirth of an icon. Now the Bubble is about to become even more exceptional, with three one-off editions paved with dazzling precious stones.

When it was first introduced in the year 2000, the Bubble was a phenomenon, a watch replica so successful it became emblematic of the era. Last year it was remade, preserving the same iconic form, with two exclusive limited editions.

Only three will be made, with each a singular creation distinguished by baguette-cut diamonds and gemstone hour markers, all set by hand, a task that requires hundreds of hours.Even in the rarefied world of haute joaillerie timepieces, the Bubble High Jewellery Skeleton is singularly rare.

Corum Bubble Dazzle for the New Year


Past the dazzling gemstones on the dial, the CO 055 calibre is showcased under the monumental sapphire crystal, tall enough it serves as a loupe to magnify the delicate details of the movement. Positioned slightly off-center in keeping with the quirky spirit of the Bubble, the movement has been reduced to its bare essentials, with the bridges and base plate skeletonized by hand.

The imposing white gold Corum Bubble copy watchcase provides an ample canvas to which the master gem-setter applies his skills. Each watch replica is set with 131 brilliant-cut diamonds on the dial, and a further 42 on the bezel, totaling a stunning 5.7 carats of diamonds. What makes each timepiece utterly irreplaceable are the 12 baguette-cut gems that form the hour markers, being either rubies, blue sapphires or black sapphires.

What remains of the movement is then decorated with a floral motif, save for the barrel that is open-worked to form the Corum key logo. Executed entirely by hand, the engraving differs ever so slightly between movements, further enhancing the unique nature of each watch.

Each High Jewellery Corum Bubble Skeleton copy watch is fitted to an alligator hide strap finished in the same shade as the gemstone hour markers, and paired with a white gold pin buckle.