Fashion Creoir Ibis Smart Watch Replica is Unveiled at Mobile World Congress

Best fake Creoir Ibis Smart Watch presents technologically savvy smart watch consumers with a fashionable smart watch that is innovatively designed incorporating the latest style trends for what is now defined as wearable smart watch jewelry. Smart wearable styling Creoir is emphasizing within the fashion market to drive the appeal and sales of its Ibis smart watch.

Creoir Ltd, a Finnish product creation house, unveiled Ibis its dual face smart watch at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. (Click on picture to the left to experience the beauty of Ibis Smart Watch)

Ibis Black Compr

Steel Creoir Ibis watch replica quickly dismisses the expectation of a bulky smart watch while establishing a new echelon in the wearable smart technology industry. Creoir Ibis challenges competitors in the smart watch and wearable technology industry to raise their innovative production design bar, so to speak, to produce wearable technology that is both stylish and fashionably trendy with the times.

Ibis Side Profile


Ibis has an OLED display with integrated touch, operates on an Android platform with custom UI and is compatible with iOS and Android systems. It has WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB connectivity with remote control and notifications to your smart phone.

Swiss replica OLED Creoir Ibis is an analogue quartz watch with a smart dual face display. It is crafted in crystal and stainless steel  with a design said to be inspired by a flying bird whose wing tips touch together while carrying a young bird on its back, which Creoir equates to being as precious as the personal information found in most smart watches.