Omega Seamaster 300m Co-Axial Chronometer replica watch

The Gentle Omega Seamaster 300m Co-Axial Chronometer Replica Watch

Omega has now released a James Bond limited edition version of the high-end Omega Seamaster 300m Co-Axial replica watch, which will be released at the same time as the film. Omega has released another limited edition Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra replica Watch, to be released alongside Spectre in November.

In addition to the Seamaster Aqua Terra that was announced earlier in the year.

Omega Seamaster 300m Co-Axial replica watch
Omega Seamaster 300m Co-Axial replica watch

The first thing to note is that there are no “007” additions to the watch’s dial at all. This is not a Bond watch in the vein of all other Bond watches; this is a watch that James Bond will be wearing, rather than a commemorative piece – as emphasised by the recently released pictures of Daniel Craig touring the Omega factory wearing this mens Omega Seamaster 300m copy watch.

They are the kind of discreet changes that you’d have to be an actual spy to notice!

The last major difference – and something that will get the keenest James Bond collectors going – is the use of a black and grey NATO strap. Interestingly it differs from the original textile strap worn by Sean Connery in Goldfinger (with his Rolex Submariner!) – that pattern was navy blue, red and olive green, rather than black and grey, although at a distance the two look very similar.

Bond Factor: How obviously “Bond” is it? Not very at all. But on the other hand, it is almost certainly going to be the actual watch worn by Bond for the majority of the movie, so you don’t get more Bond than that.

The only dial changes to the watch are that the 12 o’clock hour index has been replaced with a larger “Omega Seamaster” logo, the second hand has been given a “lollipop” circle at its tip rather than the standard arrow, and the bezel is now a bidirectional rotating bezel with numerals from 0-11, giving the Swiss-made Omega copy watch a second time zone function of sorts.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 40 replica watch

Black 18ct Everose Gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 40 Replica Watch

A key highlight this year for many as Baselworld was the introduction of the new black 18ct Everose gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master replica watch. Due to it being such a special piece, we decided to give you our take on the new piece, as well as our favourite elements!This stunning new timepiece from Rolex is a step away from everything that they have previously launched and the reaction from the watch community has been very interesting to observe!

The Yacht-Master comes in a 37mm and 40mm case with either a 2236 or 3135 calibre movement. It also has a matte black Rolex exclusive Cerachrom ceramic insert with raised, polished black numerals and indices. The co-ordinating black ceramic bezel and Chromalight hands and hour markers that emits a beautiful blue glow after dark. It has a simply stunning appearance and is hugely distinctive from everything that elegant fake Rolex watch have released before. It really does indicate that they are continually looking to the future and are always moving on to bigger and better things.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 40 replica watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 40 replica watch

One of the most exciting elements of the new release is the innovative Oysterflex strap which has been designed and patented by Rolex themselves. Due to the nature of this new strap it means that the sturdiness of the watch is heightened and will weather the environmental effects with ease. This bracelet is no ordinary strap and has vast technological capabilities built into something which looks so elegant and simple yet is extremely robust.  The Oysterflex bracelet, an ultra-thin metal blade is covered with high performance, flexible black elastomer which gives the appearance of the ‘rubber strap’, however with technology this detailed there’s no way a simple name like that would be suitable! In summary, the Yacht-Master feels like it is a glimpse into the future for Rolex. With their ever advancing technology, resources and skills that they continue to invest their revenues back into the company and their philanthropic activities.

It doesn’t appear that this is going to be any chance of Rolex becoming a forgotten brand or falling behind competitors anytime soon! Possibly why it is so often argued that Rolex copy watches are the best brand watch in the world…

Rolex Lady-Datejust 28mm replica watch

Best Price Rolex Lady-Datejust 28mm and Rolex Daytona Copy Watch For Sale

Rolex Lady-Datejust 28mm replica watch- Steel and 18ct yellow gold or 18ct Everose gold are the two options for this beautiful more modern case size. A beautiful and iconic watch brought up-to date. Last year this was released in solid gold but now we have steel and gold options to delight the wrist.

Rolex Daytona watch replica
Rolex Daytona watch replica

Both white and black dials look stunning with the new Cerchrom bezel, and both options are incredibly sought after. This is the watch to get hold of so best to place the order ASAP. Quite simply an amazing Rolex copy watch with a huge following.

High-end Rolex Daytona copy watch- The champion of Baselworld. This has had everyone excited and trying to secure a watch has quickly become the next step.

Rolex Datejust 41mm Replica

Baselworld 2016 The Luxury and Dress Rolex Datejust 41 and Air-King Replica Watch

The Luxury Rolex Datejust 41mm replica watch – This has really added a dressy approach to a larger case size option. This bracelet is easily identifiable with Rolex and an option that has always been popular on the Datejust range. A beautiful addition to modern case size.  The new addition for this collection has been the introduction of the iconic Jubilee bracelet.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King replica watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King replica watch

High-end fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King – Not too overpowering but enough to stand out from the crowd. A personal favourite of mine, we can’t wait to receive one in store! Wow! What a stunning dial option for a sleek stylish Rolex copy timepiece. The Rolex livery in the dial really brings the watch to life.

Blue Dial Rolex Milgauss replica

Baselworld 2014 Steel Case Blue Dial Rolex Milgauss Watch Replica For Sale

The Rolex Milgauss Blue Dial watch replica has gained a reputation as a watch emblematic of science and technological progress. Now newly introduced from Rolex for Baselworld is an Oyster Perpetual Milgauss with an updated colour scheme.

The Milgauss became well known for its pioneering technical qualities in the area of magnetic resistance and was adopted by scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva. The technical innovations were several including its first line of defence: a shield surrounding the movement within the Oyster case made of ferromagnetic alloys, an invention patented by Rolex in 1954. A secondary defense system involves the construction of two of the movement’s key components: the oscillator and the escapement. They have been manufactured from special paramagnetic materials developed by Rolex in the early 21st century. In 2007 the Milgauss was introduced with an unusual green sapphire crystal – a first in watchmaking- and now this has been combined with a new electric blue dial or “Z blue dial” as Rolex calls it. The electric blue colour of the dial is in reference to the signature lightning-bolt-shaped seconds hand according to Rolex as well as to it being aimed at engineers and scientists.

Rolex Milgauss Ref. 116400GV replica watch
Rolex Milgauss Ref. 116400GV replica watch

Originally introduced in 1956 the steel fake Rolex Milgauss watch was aimed at people working close to magnetic fields that might disrupt the correct functioning of a mechanical watch, so typically people working as engineers and technicians. It derives part of its name from the French word for 1000 (Mille) since it was designed to withstand magnetic interference of up to 1000 gauss while still preserving its accuracy as an officially certified chronometer.

The 40mm steel case of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss (Ref. 116400GV) houses the Rolex calibre 3131 and it comes on an Oyster bracelet with three-piece solid links made from 904L stainless steel and come with the ingenious Rolex copy watch Easylink rapid extension system that allows the wearer to easily increase the bracelet length by approximately 5 mm, for additional comfort in any circumstance.

Rolex Submariner No Date Ref. 114060

Reviewing The Mens Rolex Submariner No Date Ref. 114060 Copy Watch

The mens replica Rolex Submariner Ref. 114060 dive watch is arguably the most recognized and definitely most copied dive watch there is. Today’s Rolex Submariner could be seen as the quintessential dive watch and has become Rolex’s most popular watch with the steel versions in particular being the most popular versions of this model. It was originally introduced in 1953 as a commercial diver’s watch during the pioneering era for scuba diving, was the first watch to be water-resistant to 100 metres and has fueled the huge popularity that has developed for this style of watch.

Rolex Submariner Ref. 114060 replica
Rolex Submariner Ref. 114060 replica

The Submariner’s case measures 40mm in diameter which is not too large or small and a size that no doubt suits a broad spectrum of the population. The middle case is constructed from a solid block of a corrosive-resistant 904L steel, most steel watches use the 316L standard. The 904L type has improved corrosion and special chemical resistance, something that will be appreciated by those intending on using the Submariner for its intended purpose of diving since it will lessen any tarnishing that will occur from the effects of salt water and help it to stay looking good for longer.It features Rolex’s impressive alternating brushed and polished finishing applied to most of the case which helps to add a subtle refined look to its utilitarian design.

The Reference 114060 is one of the newest generation Submariner models often referred to as the Rolex Submariner ‘No Date’ and with its clean dial is the purest example of the Submariner. Rolex has over the years made many improvements to the Submariner but retains a design that is still very faithful to the original.

Cerachom is Rolex’s proprietary form of ceramic and is much more durable, it is not only completely resistant to fading and corrosion but also virtually scratchproof. Instead of the printed aluminium insert of earlier models the gradations are PVD coated with platinum, the Ceramic bezel is also much shinier than aluminum and has a nice luster to it. Rather than lume applied to the complete bezel Rolex Submariner copy watch has opted to simply apply it to the 12 o’clock marker, in more classical style. The Submariner’s bezel comes not only in black but is also available in blue and green.

The rotating bezel on earlier Submariners used to have an aluminum insert with the minute indicators printed on it, but this model, like the 2010 Submariner and the GMT-Master II has a bezel of Cerachom.

With its clean dial and classic looks this ‘no date’ version is the iconic Submariner in its purest form. Instantly recognizeable, if anything the only downside that could be levelled at it is that the ‘Submariner look’ has become almost too familiar for some people due to its market saturation in one form or another.

The case has, over the years gone from its original groundbreaking 100m rating to the current 300m one and features a hermetically sealed caseback. Further bolstering the Submariner’s arsenal against the penetration of water is their patented TRIPLOCK triple waterproofness system which is fitted to the crown and screws securely down in a manner Rolex Submariner No Date replica describes as similar to a submarine hatch.

Rolex Yacht-Master II Ref. 116680 replica watch

Presenting The Steel Rolex Yacht-Master II Ref. 116680 Replica Watch

The Rolex Yacht-Master II replica in stainless steel was released at last year’s Baselworld and was one of Rolex’s most popular launches in 2013. That was until this model (Ref. 116680) of the regatta-countdown chronograph watch was released in a 904L stainless steel case with a blue Cerachrom bezel insert.The Yacht-Master II was first introduced in 2007 but was only available in gold and bi-color (Rolesium – a Rolex term) versions.

The Yacht-Master II was one of the first watches in the world that combined functionality between the bezel and the movement. The countdown feature can also be locked and unlocked by twisting the bezel through 90 degrees.The countdown function is programmable up to ten minutes and includes the worlds first mechanical “memory” so that it can be reset to the same countdown time period used previously. Programming the countdown is easily done through use of the rotatable ‘Ring Command’ bezel, a Rolex-developed system that connects the bezel to the movement.

Stainless Steel Rolex Yacht-Master II replica
Stainless Steel Rolex Yacht-Master II replica

The regatta countdown function is the key feature of the mens fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II and is a complication specially developed by Rolex. This complication has a programmable timer that counts down ten minutes, this countdown mechanism was principally designed for regattas and is part of the Rolex 4161 chronograph movement. This movement took 35,000 hours (nearly 4 years) to produce and consists of 360 parts. The countdown mechanism is constructed using a column wheel that extends through the main plate and a vertical clutch.

If the countdown was started either too early or too late then it can be synchronized on the fly. This is done by pressing the start/stop button ( located at the 2 o’clock position), and then pressing the reset button, located at the 4 o’clock position, the minute countdown hand then re-positions itsself to the nearest minute while the seconds countdown hand returns to 0. This is an important feature because the timing of the start of a Regatta is crucial.

Designed to meet the needs of professional sailors the Yacht-Master II stainless steel edition provides a welcome non-precious metal version that could be seen as a more durable and less expensive option. Personally I find it the most pleasing colour combination currently available, its also comes in Everose (Ref. 116681), yellow gold (Ref. 116688) and white gold and platinum (Ref. 116689).

The price of the Yacht-Master II in Stainless Steel. It comes fitted on a solid-link, steel Oyster bracelet featuring Rolex’s hallmark Oysterlock safety clasp to prevent accidental opening and the mens fake Rolex-patented Easylink comfort-extension system allowing the wearer to easily increase the bracelet’s length by about five millimeters.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ice-blue Dial replica

Promotion: The Masculine Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ice-blue Dial Replica Watch Ref. 116506

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116506 replica features a case made entirely of 950 platinum along with a chestnut brown Cerachrom bezel.

This is not however the first Daytona with a Cerachrom bezel, since the Everose Daytona received the update first in 2011, it is however the first Daytona with this colour combination. I really like the “chestnut brown” ceramic of the bezel and it is nicely complimented by the lacquered sub-dials within the “ice-blue” dial, this colour combination I find to be quite refreshing.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116506 replica watch
Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Ref. 116506 replica watch

Arguably the most sought after watch by Rolex collectors the Daytona is only rivaled probably by the Submariner in terms of desireability. Originally released in 1963 the first Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona had a steel case , manual wind chronograph movement and was named after the famous racetrack, since then it has appeared in numerous variants. For more information on the history of the ice-blue dial Rolex Daytona watch check out an article I wrote about it here.

One of the Daytona’s signature design elements is the tachymeter bezel which adds to its auto racing persona, used in conjunction with the chronograph it measures average speeds of up to 400 miles(or kilometers) per hour. The tachymeter has engraved numerals and graduations coated with a thin layer of platinum via a PVD, and Rolex’s proprietary Cerachrom material is an extra-hard, corrosion resistant ceramic – Cerachrom is a contraction of the words Ceramic and Chrome.

The Daytona’s case measures 40 mm in diameter and is made in Rolex’s distinctive Oyster style and has a water-resistance of 100 meters (330 feet). Its water resistance is helped by the use of a winding crown fitted with Rolex’s patented Triplock water-resistance system which screws down securely into the case. The fluted caseback is also (hermetically) screwed down with a special tool exclusive to Rolex watchmakers and the chronopushers also screw down too. A crown guard has been integrated into the case middle which has been machined entirely from a solid block of 950 platinum and has a polished finish and is complimented by a bracelet also in platinum.

The 50th anniversary edition Daytona was highly anticipated, with many collectors and Rolex fans speculating on what kind of Daytona would be released. Many thought Rolex would release one like the Newman Daytona 6263 Daytona, however this wasn’t what was released but the first platinum Daytona and what mens fake Rolex watch’s press material refer to as a “prestigious edition”.

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116719 watch

Speaking With High Quality Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116719 BLRO Watch

Whats more the new Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II replica watch features a two-colour Cerachrom bezel insert in red and blue, a colour combination considered difficult if not impossible to achieve. By combining contemporary technology with the aesthetics of the original 1955 model they have created a new version of this emblematic model.

Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116719 BLRO replica
Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116719 BLRO replica

Creating a Cerachrom two-tone bezel is a technological challenge and obtained by a special process invented and patented by Rolex allowing a ceramic component of two different colors to be merged into a single block. Cerachrom was first introduced in 2005, and has the advantage of being virtually scratch-proof, highly resistant to corrosion and impervious to the bleaching effects of UV rays. The 24-hour graduation has been engraved in the ceramic and coated with a platinum layer by means of PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition).The surface has been diamond-polished to provide a long-lasting lustre. Incidentally the name “Cerachrom” is a contraction of the words “ceramic” and “chrom” from the ancient Greek word for “colour”. Rolex has surprised a lot of people with its release at Baselworld of a new version of the iconic mens fake Rolex GMT-Master II especially coming so soon after the recent (for Rolex) blue and black version.

Secondly it was necessary to overcome the challenge of combining the two colours by turning half of the red into blue so that you had a clear transition from one to the other with red for the hours between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. and blue for the hours between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. Having overcome these technological hurdles Rolex presents us with this new Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II, well known as a watch for long-haul travellers and designed to enable airline pilots to read the time in two different time zones simultaneously. This new-generation GMT-Master II featuring the same colour scheme as the original watch created in 1955 but using the latest technological innovations is sure to generate plenty of interest.

In the creation of this new two tone bezel Two main challenges were presented. Firstly there is a difficulty creating red. To create colours in ceramic a mineral pigment is used that is capable of surviving the very high temperatures involved in the “densification” process. However red is typically a colour for which no stable mineral pigments exist to create a Cerachrom component. Rolex watch replica nevertheless overcame this and produced a red ceramic according to a secret process.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster 34 replica watch

Top Quality Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster 34 Replica Watch

Rolex extends its catalog of luxury watches with new versions jewel Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster 34 replica in 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and Everose, which combine the art of watchmaking at the fascinating charm of gold and diamonds more pure and sparkling. The hour is also sublimated by sparkling bezel set with baguette-cut pink sapphires in 18ct yellow gold version or in the version with blue sapphires in 18ct white gold. The dial of 34 mm of new luxury watches Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster is entirely covered with a pavé of diamonds.

Only 1% of world diamond production meets the needs of quality Rolex. Subsequently, the stones are entrusted to the masters setters of the fashion house, which with their art sublimate the natural beauty of the jewelry. Rolex also has its own foundry and uses the purest raw materials to merge their alloys: 18ct yellow gold, white or everose.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster 34 replica watch
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Pearlmaster 34 replica watch

With 4 patents exclusive to Rolex and a fifth for the material itself shared with Patek Philippe and Swatch Group, this spring has a very unique shape: the coils aren’t all the same thickness and the fittings on both sides have been completely redesigned. Like all movements Perpetual Rolex, the 2236 is a Swiss chronometer certificate, a title reserved for high-precision watches that have successfully passed the tests of the COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronometer). The Pearlmaster bracelet, shaped and deliciously mesh in solid 18ct gold, gives the Rolex replica watch even more presence and comfort on the wrist.
With a 34mm Oyster case and a mechanical movement this exquisite timepiece has a dial with 455 diamonds pave set and bezel set with rubies, sapphires or diamonds. It has inherited the 2236 calibre fitted with the new silicon Syloxi spring.

The purest diamonds and sapphires are selected according to the highest standards and embedded in a workmanlike manner to ensure maximum brilliance of the stones. For this, Rolex has its own gemology lab where experts of the brand, supported by the most technologically advanced equipment, check that the quality of the precious stones meets the highest standards.

The gold edition Everose – an alloy of gold rose exclusively created and produced by Rolex in its own foundry, is distinguished by its bezel which exhibits an extraordinary job of embedding, with brilliant-cut diamonds on a delicate gold rim 18ct white, which revives the intensity of the gloss. The three versions are matched to bracelets with diamonds.
Only the highest quality stones are worthy of being embedded in a Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 34 copy watch.