Buy The Cheap Replica Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition For Sale

This limited edition timepiece is a faithful representation of the Cheap Grand Seiko 44GS replica watch launched in the year of my birth, 1967. Close examination reveals much merit, justifying my fervent editorial efforts. Occasionally, I meet fellow journalists who share my passion, writing about the finest expressions of timekeeping. Conversations are punctuated with discussions of finissage, complications, enamelling and guilloché.


Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition

It represents the pinnacle of Seiko’s watchmaking expertise and its captivating sound is legendary.A timepiece which often comes up in discussion is the remarkable Credor Spring Drive Minute Repeater.

The watch replica contains striking gongs forged from special steel supplied by Munemichi Myochin. This company has been in existence for over 850 years, with fifty two unbroken generations of family at the helm. Hopefully, this tradition will continue with the family know-how passing to future generations.

The Myochin Wind Bell is merely one expression of the Myochin family’s skill at manipulating steel to spellbinding effect. The wind chimes are world renown for their clarity of sound and enchanting echoes.

My friends affectionately describe me as a “horological trainspotter”. I am often found with my nose pressed against a watch replica retailer’s window admiring the beautiful timepieces within.I am a self-confessed watch replica addict.

It takes time and patience to replicate the alluring sound of the Myochin Wind Bell, but through persistence and skilled application they have accurately simulated the sonorous sound with its sublime delivery.The master craftsmen in the Micro Artist Studio at Seiko’s Shirojiri facility endeavoured to harness this majestic sound within a high-end timepiece.

I pre-arranged to meet Seiko at Baselworld 2013 and eagerly wanted to see the Credor best quality fake Seiko Spring Drive Minute Repeater watch.

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition

To my shame, I have never explored the nuances of Japanese watchmaking, always focussing on Swiss, German and British manufacturers.There, in a dedicated area, was an array of Grand Seiko models.

In some respects, the marketing professionals will be delighted to know, that my sojourn to the Seiko stand to see the Credor Spring Drive Minute Repeater resulted in me investigating other models from the Seiko family.

There, in a glass cabinet it sat, quietly resting, cocooned from the madding crowd. The specification includes 112 jewels. I can report, no pictures can adequately convey its awe-inspiring beauty. It consists of 660 components all presented in peerless form.

Sadly, I did not manage to hear the watch replica or handle its pulchritudinous form.Few models are seen outside of Japan and in its first year of production only three models were produced. There is a slight feeling of “near, but yet so far”. My ears have been deprived of the anticipated aural enjoyment I have longingly yearned for.

This is a surprising admission as in other aspects of my life I wholeheartedly embrace different cultures. Moreover, Japanese food and, in particular, sushi is now a regular staple in my diet. Indeed, sushi is one of the few foods I can think of where the flavours are delicious and yet there is an absence of fat. I can gutsily devour copious quantities of the neatly presented food stuffs with a clear conscience, knowing that my heart and waistline will show no signs of ill-effects.


The dial

The dial is an object lesson in subtlety and restraint. The watch replica is available in three forms of 18-carat gold: white gold, yellow gold and rose in a limited series of 70 pieces in each variant. However, it is the stainless steel model which I particularly like.

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition

Stainless steel seems to suit the aesthetics of the watch replica perfectly and seems befitting bearing in mind the company’s prowess at employing the corrosion-resistant material.

The case material determines the colour of the dial, hand and hour markings presented. In the case of my preferred stainless steel option, the hands are silver, sword shaped and multi-faceted, capturing light with comely allure. The legibility proffered is excellent and this has become a key strength of Grand Seiko design.

Hours are marked with applied batons. They again repeat the multi-faceted approach of the hands, reinforcing the coherence of the design. No aspects appear in conflict. The only detail, where there is a departure from the norm, is the marking of hours at noon, where double batons are presented. This subtle detail is delightful with its succinct delivery.

The dial is framed with a chapter ring, employing short strokes to indicate the minute integers. There is nothing garish or unduly loud, yet somehow ease of read-off is readily provided.

The case

The case diameter of 37.9 mm matches the size of the 1967 original. It would prove too small for my large physique. I only purchase watches with a case diameter of 40 mm or more. However, this does not detract from my appreciation of this handsome watch.

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition

If Seiko offered a larger variant of the watch, it may prove ideal for someone like myself. On the other hand, it may not work as well. The secret to the excellence of this design is the sublime proportionality conferred with each facet of its fine form.

The interface between angles, surface polishing and light has been distilled to an altitudinously high standard. If you look at the watch replica directly from the front, the sideline is curved in a smooth arc. The caseband employs numerous angles to embrace the light.

Some surfaces are satin-brushed, but in some instances a mirror polished surface is utilised to enthralling effect. This fantastic finish is courtesy of time consuming hand-polishing of the case, referred to as “zaratsu”.

The crown protrudes only slightly, nuzzling the caseband, protected and safe. However, the wearer can easily adjust the crown courtesy of the exposed knurling to the front and rear of the case.

The sapphire crystal has a wonderful cambered edge, reminiscent of the acrylic watch replica glasses of yesteryear. Yet, the beauty of the sapphire crystal is that it is resistant to scratching and cracking. Moreover, this particular example is manufactured in-house, coated with anti-reflective treatment on the inner surface and is wonderfully clear and legible.

The caseback is solid and carries the emblem of the original watch. I appreciate the desire to be faithful to the original, but lament the omission of a sapphire caseback. This is because within this watch, I know there is incredible craftsmanship hidden from view. Purists will disagree but it is this diversity of opinion which makes horology fascinating to millions of people.

The movement

The watch replica was always a hand-wound model and I am glad that Seiko have remained faithful to this aspect of the original. Moreover, there is something soothing about winding your watch replica each morning, and whilst I have automatic wristwatches, I do enjoy the participative involvement of wearing a manually-wound watch.

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition

The Caliber 9S64 first appeared in 2011 in the Seiko 130th Anniversary Collection edition. It has a frequency of 28,800 vph (4 Hz) and 24 jewels.

An aspect which is particularly impressive is the power reserve, which is in excess of 72 hours. Moreover, there is only one spring barrel which makes the 3 day power reserve even more meritorious.

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition


I always obsess over the finishing of a movement and Seiko does not disappoint with the Caliber 9S64. The pallet lever and escape wheel are created using Seiko’s MEMS technology (Micro Electro Mechanical System). This know-how has resulted in components that are smoother, mitigating wear and damage, as well as lighter. The pallet lever for example is skeletonised, reducing mass.

Unlike the majority of watch replica companies, Seiko produce their own mainsprings and it is thanks to their skill at mastering metallurgy that the impressive power reserve has come to fruition. They have created their own alloy, “SPRON510” which is key to this success. Moreover, the amplitude is consistent, with little variation in rate keeping whether the spring is in a fully wound or partially wound state. This is evidenced with a claim of mean daily rate variation of -3 to +5 seconds per day.

Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition

The escape wheel has an unusual profile to its teeth, each housing a small recess to retain lubricant oil, mitigating wear.


My desire to hold the Credor Spring Drive Minute Repeater in my cosetting hands remains unfulfilled. I continue to yearn to hear its alluring aural qualities. Nevertheless, this as of yet, unrequited love, has allowed me to discover other delights along my journey.

My first foray into the world of Grand Seiko has proved compelling. It has left me wanting to learn more about this brand whose culture provides a fascinating alternative to my own.

The Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition is incredibly impressive and offers remarkable value bearing in mind the depth of its talents. However, do not misconstrue this is not a cheap watch, excellence seldom comes with a low price. Yet, the 44GS usurps the talents of many watches costing much more.

It was said that in the 1960s, a young university graduate, who had a passion for watch replica aesthetics, conceived the “grammar of Seiko design”. The parlance employed is dignified with hushed tone and encourages the wearer to savour every brilliant facet of its beautiful form.

Technical Specification

  • Model: Grand Seiko 44GS Limited Edition
  • Reference: SBGW047
  • Case: Stainless steel; diameter 37.90 mm; height 11.50 mm; water resistant to 3 bar (30 metres); sapphire crystal to front and solid caseback.
  • Functions: Hours; minutes; central seconds.
  • Movement: Caliber 9S64, manual-winding; frequency 28,800 vph (4 Hz); 24 jewels; power reserve over 72 hours.
  • Strap: Black crocodile leather with stainless steel pin buckle.
  • Limited edition: 700 pieces in stainless steel.

This limited edition timepiece is a faithful representation of the original 44GS launched in the year of my birth, 1967. Indeed, it may have been this reference to 1967 which provided the initial attraction to the model. However, close examination of the watch replica and the mechanical movement within, revealed much merit justifying my editorial efforts. Before I become lost in a sea of salmon and tuna sashimi, I must return to a remarkable Seiko watch replica which caught my attention – the Grand Seiko 44GS Limited edition.

Reviewing The Perfect Replica Seiko Spring Drive 8 day Power Reserve Watch (SBGD001)

Drawing on his immense knowledge of Seiko, gained when he formerly worked for the famous Japanese watch replica company, Carl Eady reviews the elegant Grand Seiko Spring Drive 8 day Power Reserve replica watch (SBGD001).

Grand_Seiko_Spring_Drive_8_day_Power_Reserve_SBGD001_wrist - ESCAPEMENT magazine - watch replica blog by Angus Davies


Now in its 16th year, it has already produced some of the most stunning and iconic watches under the prestigious Credor brand, including the ‘Sonnerie’, ‘Minute Repeater’ and the beautiful hand painted ‘Eichi’ models featuring porcelain dials. The SBGD001 also houses a brand new movement, the Caliber 9R01 – the first hand wound Spring Drive under the Grand Seiko name. Some Grand Seikos are cased in precious metals and several are equipped with Spring Drive movements, but this beautiful incarnation is the first Grand Seiko to emerge from the celebrated Micro Artist Studio in Shiojiri, Nagano. It retains the traditional and elegant Grand Seiko form and, at a glance, could be mistaken for many other of the marque’s creations.True to the original principles of Grand Seiko, the SBGD001 offers exceptional levels of precision, legibility, comfort and durability that have been meticulously honed over five and a half decades.

In particular, the launch of Presage, a collection of fine mechanical watches offered at very accessible prices, could easily be described as a shot across the bows of the industry at large.There was a palpable excitement in the audience as Seiko’s President and CEO Shinji Hattori took to the stage in the Congress Centre at Baselworld this year. The great grandson of Seiko’s founder, Kintaro Hattori, is an infinitely charismatic and charming man. He stood with an air of pride before a packed press room and it was clear that he and his team had something very special to announce. In its 30th year of attending Basel, Seiko certainly did not disappoint with an array of timepieces which delivered both innovation and beauty.

However, the piece that most caught my eye, and now distracts my thoughts several times a day, is the magnificent best fake Seiko Spring Drive 8 day Power Reserve (SBGD001).

The movement

The motto of Kintaro Hattori was to be ‘one step ahead of the rest’ and the hand wound horological marvel that is the 9R01 movement could be seen as more of a leap than a step, even for a ‘Manufacture’ of Seiko’s impressive standing. The view through the large sapphire crystal case back is dominated by a single rhodium plated German silver bridge, shaped in part to mimic the iconic Mount Fuji.  Tempered blue screws and highly polished rubies seem somewhat haphazard in their placement,however, they reflect the bright lights of Suwa, the city which sits beneath the mountainous Shiojiri region, which is home to the Micro Artist Studio. Seiko’s engineers ingeniously devised a system of three barrels with springs unwinding simultaneously at one third of the rate of a single barrel, thus greatly extending the power reserve. By utilising only one bridge, the movement becomes more stable, delivering greater efficiency of power transmission.  This barrel arrangement ensures the movement sits perfectly within the 13.2mm platinum case. The edges of the bridge are finished by hand using local wood, similar in characteristic to the gentian wood favoured by some prestigious European brands. Each edge offers a glistening contrast to the brushed face of the bridge.  In order to provide an extraordinary 192-hour power reserve, the movement required brand new thinking. Opposite the crown, the crescent shaped power reserve proudly displays 8 days, it is simple yet elegant and indicated using a beautifully blued sweeping hand.

Grand_Seiko_Spring_Drive_8_day_Power_Reserve_SBGD001_movement - ESCAPEMENT magazine - watch replica blog by Angus Davies

Seiko’s relentless pursuit of horological perfection is perhaps a push too far for some mechanical watch replica purists, owing to its hybrid movement. At the heart of the Spring Drive movement is a Tri-synchro regulator, rather than a conventional escapement. First conceived back in 1977 by Yoshikazu Akahane, the Tri-synchro regulator is the system used to control the mainsprings, glide wheel and the reference signal from a quartz oscillator. The resultant precision of the 9R01 movement is breathtaking, according +/- ½ second per day accuracy. The regulators electromagnetic brake enables the second hand to travel with a serene ‘glide motion’. This is truly mesmerising and will perhaps offer those fortunate owners a calming reminder that time is the most precious of all commodities.

The case

Graceful lines and curves on the case are true to the ‘Seiko Style’ developed by Taro Tanaka during the 60s and 70s with finishing worthy of a place among the finest of all watch replica marques.

Grand_Seiko_Spring_Drive_8_day_Power_Reserve_SBGD001_case - ESCAPEMENT magazine - watch replica blog by Angus Davies

This conservative, yet perfectly executed case, provides the ideal housing for what is perhaps the most stunning element of the watch. However, the trademark ‘comfortable fit’ demanded by Grand Seiko has not been compromised.Measuring 43mm and hewn from such a precious and dense metal, the SBGD001 is naturally a substantial timepiece.

During winding it provides audibly satisfying clicks as it efficiently energises the three spring barrels.At 3 o’clock is a simple, yet bold, crown adorned with the GS logo.

The platinum case is cold forged and subjected to Grand Seiko’s trademark Zaratsu polishing. This time honoured skill is entrusted to only a handful of senior polishers, such as Osamu Ohata who recently said he liked polishing ‘everything to the point of perfection and beauty’. Craftsmen with such an obsessional passion and mastery are one of the key assets of Grand Seiko as it continues to elevate its status among the horological elite. The resultant distortion free case surfaces feel glass-like to the touch and are so highly polished that they return a dazzling lustre with the merest chink of light.Producing everything in-house has distinct advantages, especially in the field of metallurgy. It is said that the most experienced polishers cannot only see and feel changes in the process but even hear when they’ve applied the correct pressure against abrasive paper.

The dial

Grand Seiko is fast building a reputation for creating exceptional dials – including the iconic Snowflake (SBGA011) and the rich green dial of the 2015 GPHG Petite Aiguille winner, the High-beat GMT (SBGJ005). On the SBGD001, the talented artisans of the Micro Artist Studio have drawn on the beauty of their surroundings to create a truly remarkable face. A plate is stamped then coated with multiple layers to build up a uniquely beautiful interpretation of the shimmering fallen snow, glistening in early morning light outside the brand’s studio. By keeping the power reserve on the reverse and eschewing the date window, the estate of the dial is kept free from distractions, further enhancing the legibility. Keeping the dials flat on Grand Seiko timepieces enables the hands and indices to sit more prominently. Furthermore, this stunning backdrop is perfectly punctuated by simple, yet tall and elegant indexes with a double width index at 12 o’clock. Each are multi-faceted and diamond polished to a sparkling mirror finish.

Grand_Seiko_Spring_Drive_8_day_Power_Reserve_SBGD001_dial2 - ESCAPEMENT magazine - watch replica blog by Angus Davies

The hands

The hour and minute hands on a Grand Seiko timepiece command respect. Longer than those hands which have featured on previous iterations, the hands on the SBGD001 uphold the brand’s five faceted shape and are individually diamond polished. The hands ensure superb visibility in dim light. Razor sharp edges narrow to a pin point and the attention to detail is such that the hands are mirror polished on the underside, in case of a chance reflection as the minute hand passes over the hour hand.

Grand_Seiko_Spring_Drive_8_day_Power_Reserve_SBGD001_dial1 - ESCAPEMENT magazine - watch replica blog by Angus Davies

The second hand is pressed into a 3D shape then polished by buffing. It is then individually heated over a copper plate to achieve a sumptuous blue finish which accentuates the trademark glide motion of Spring Drive.

The strap

A jet black hand stitched crocodile strap provides a perfect contrast to the highly polished case surface. The deployant clasp has a push button release and is stamped with the GS logo. This classic band is bold yet elegant and affords the wearer a reassuring fit without compromising comfort.

Closing remarks

Purists of a more critical nature will no doubt dismiss a Spring Drive as no more than quartz sorcery and, on discovering the €60000 price tag for the SBGD001, they may well point to some Swiss brands with a reputation for perhaps being more collectable. There are always two sides to every coin, however, and those with an appreciation for fine Japanese artistry combined with haute horology are more likely to cherish this timepiece. Indeed, the return on investment includes the pure joy imparted with the sight of perfectly polished hands, glistening majestically over a diamond dusted dial.


Technical specification

  • Calibre – Spring Drive 9R01
  • Case – Platinum 950
  • Case Size – Diameter 43.00mm / Thickness 13.2mm
  • Band – Three fold ‘deployant’ clasp / crocodile leather strap
  • Glass- Anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal
  • Accuracy +/- 10 seconds per month
  • Water Resistance – 10 bar
  • Magnetic Resistance – 4800 A/m
  • Price – €60,000 (RRP as at 18.6.2016)

Producing a masterpiece with finishing of this quality is intensely time consuming and consequently only a handful of the Seiko SBGD001 replica timepiece will be produced each year. Such is the passion for Grand Seiko in the Japanese domestic market that sadly very few will grace western shores. Those lucky enough to own one will no doubt quietly enjoy the envious glances and unspoken admiration that comes from wearing an exemplar of elegance and beauty.